A Better Way

Children who learn differently deserve a better way to learn. Dedicated teachers deserve a better way to teach. Braintrust is a modern tutoring company designed by expert teachers and seasoned parents who believe there’s a better way to help kids find their spark and discover their love for learning.

Find a Tutor
  • Better Match

    Beyond the important basics of availability, location, and price, we provide matches based on specific academic struggles or diagnosed disabilities.

  • Better Tutors

    Qualified, certified teachers and learning specialists who understand curriculum, instruction, and educational best practices.

  • Better Experiences

    Session reports after each meeting and real-time progress reports to visually track development and help parents understand their child's learning.

It all starts with a great match

Our system will help you match with the perfect learning specialist for your child. Starting from our amazingly talented pool of vetted educators, use our extensive filters and search criteria to narrow your options. Schedule video interviews to find the right fit for you. All before booking any sessions or making any commitments.



A Better Way to Learn

Track Progress

At Braintrust, we’ve built tools that help parents follow along with sessions, understand their child’s development, and track their progress.

The Whole Child

We take a holistic approach, teaching the whole child with a focus on helping each student discover their love for learning. Every child is unique, so our tutors tailor their curriculum and approach to meet your child’s learning style.

Our son adores his tutor. And I love that we can follow along and see his progress.

Jessica F. Upper West Side